simone paterson



Image series 2015 - 2016


"Closets", an ongoing project that documents how people store articles of clothing. This series stems from my inability to keep my own closet straight and the immense satisfaction I derive from ordering my clothes in a color sequence. The alternative meaning of “being in the closet” is also at play.


These closets were captured in less than prime circumstance, i.e. limited lighting and cramped spaces; I capture what is, without artificial light using a wide-angle lens. It can be very intimidating for people to allow access to their closets. Thank you to those of you who have opened your closet doors for me. The following is a short collection from the series.



"Well Suited" investigates the notion of power dressing. A variety of different colored suit jackets are paired with coordinating scarfs, and buttons and then photographed. Very diminutive in size these images speak to the role of women in all sectors of our community where hierarchical structures exhibit a controlling force.