SEW AND SO, incorporates the work of three professors from the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech, Jennifer L. Hand, Simone Paterson and Amelia Salisbury. The exhibition at The Armory Gallery, Blacksburg and Artspace, Richmond, highlights the juxtaposition between craft, drawing and lens-based art.


The exhibition was entitled SEW AND SO because each artist used the process of sewing to inform their art. They also use creative technologies as part of their visual language.


Sewing brings to mind a quiet contemplation; something that is hand made and joins pieces or fragments together, it suggests a unifying activity. However, sewing can also be done by machine and can incorporate high-end technology for mass production.


The phrase "so and so" implies a forgotten name of an individual. This meaning is embraced as many artists have labored without recognition, particularly female artists. Additionally, the colloquial phrase ‘you mean old so-and-so’ may also reference a person who is disliked or is considered to have a negative or unfavorable characteristic.


The artists are also happy to adopt this inference because it is empowering to make the art freely, and sometimes what is considered powerful and meaningful is not necessarily thought of as pretty.


My work for SEW & SO includes, photographic light boxes framed by crochet, fabric sculptures and video/animation.

See above right images and sculpture.

Below right, video /animation

Below, video documentation of SEW & SO at the Armory Gallery Blacksburg, VA. With gratitude to Deb Sims, Armory Gallery Director.